Recently Diagnosed

To live with prostate cancer is possible. You’re probably here because either you or someone you care about has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It’s normal to have fears and questions but know we are here to help. Please use this section to help guide and educate yourself about prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is usually slow growing but once you have been diagnosed it is important to learn as much as possible, consider all of your options, and create a plan. The five-year survival rate is almost 100% so don’t give up. Always speak with your doctor and further discuss the options available to you.

You Can Start Here:

You Are Not Alone.

Prostate cancer is both treatable and manageable so have hope and never give up. There are many options to explore but it’s always best to educate yourself as much as possible and talk with your doctor and create a plan. Dr. Samadi and his team are always here to take your questions no matter where you are in your prostate cancer journey. Call Us at 212-365-5000 or email us at

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